Elements of Video Marketing Strategy

The purpose of this post is to provide some insight for my audience to get a concept of the essential components vital to a successful video marketing strategy. Considering the fact that we are currently entering into a new era, a more technological one, developing video marketing strategies are crucial to business success. It is an efficient tool able to reach out to numerous potential customers that would distinguish one’s competitive edge from rival competition. With this stated, let’s decipher the elements:

-Know Your Audience: Acknowledging your audience can help determine goals and tactics that should be implemented in a video. Video content should be implemented accordingly to audience preference and behaviour.

-Goal Development: The purpose of the video project must be determined in order to reach optimal planning levels.

-Tactical Development: Certain tactics must be developed in order to reach the previously mentioned goals. These tactics include: earned media, paid media, embedding links on websites, so on and so forth.

-Video Optimization: Key words and other relevant data must be provided among your videos aiming to be search-engine friendly, so locating these videos will be facilitated for customer convenience.

-Video Promotion: Ensure that your videos are promoted so they can be easily accessed and easily shared among social media websites.

-Video Precision: Videos should be short and concise to optimize precision. Shorter videos are more reliable than lengthy videos in the fact that they transmit messages more efficiently. Many individuals have a short attention span; therefore, shorter videos are more preferable.

-Call-to-action Integration: Include an element that leaves your viewers with a desire to access more of your information to effectively complete the video. Implement call-to-action improve your chances of receiving subscriptions from potential customers.

-Content Diversification: Numerous videos must be provided for your audience for the sake of diversity. Diversification of videos can certainly captivate customer awareness and improve the business’s capacity of persuasion.

-Integration of Youtube and web content: Video distribution must be made available in different kinds of mediums for the purpose as branching out as effectively as possible.

-Audience Engagement: Engaging one’s audience might lead to these individuals into becoming potential customers. The more interactive and integrated they feel, the higher the probability of attaining consumers.

The Value of Video Marketing

One must acknowledge the fact that society is taking a deeper step into the technological era, keeping in mind that the technological tools’ and electronic devices’ availability are surfacing by the numbers. These devices are becoming more and more attached to our daily lives, and it is becoming more apparent that almost every single individual possesses a mobile device. What does this mean to marketers exactly? That there is a new reliable source of marketing distribution, a new medium one might say. The impact of mobile devices is simply so large that the window of opportunities are practically unlimited; therefore, the value of video marketing surfaces. In brief, video marketing increases sales and leads tremendously and many businesses are adopting it. Businesses that do not adapt to this strategy are undoubtedly losing customers to competitors who do. The value of this strategy is clear: Video Marketing incorporation is promoting higher engagement rates that are increasing business efficiency in a transcendent manner.

Here is an effective video marketing strategy implemented by Supercell, the mobile game development company:

The video is effective in the way that it captivates the target audience. For instance, most of the market segment that plays this game are young boys and young male adolescents. The video was short and concise, and captivates an emotional side of its audience: a sense of humor. One of the most notable factors of the video was the integration of a celebrity figure most young men admire, the great Liam Neeson giving off a Clash of Clans’ version of his infamous speech from the movie “Taken”.











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