Mercedes Benz Online Strategy

Mercedes-Benz is a German automobile manufacturer, whose brand displays luxury vehicles. Aiming to enhance its communication accordingly to its target market, the company has adopted many strategies to access to the consumers, The list is as follows:

-Online Advertising

-Social Media

-Excellent Customer Service at Point of Sales

-Warranty Under Excellent Conditions

-Television Advertising

-Print Media

For the purpose of this assignment, we will be focusing our efforts in determining the many aspects of Mercedes Benz online advertising according to its online strategies.

Strategies to Build Online Brand

-Mercedes has great influence through its online internet market due to the launch of the exciting multimedia Mercedes-Benz S-Class configuration, which includes interactive online films, videos and podcasts.

Online Marketing Campaign Strategies

The company has developed many online strategies that include online campaigns to further improve their cause. For instance, Mercedes Benz embraced Instagram as a marketing tool, as they utilized the medium to implement their digital marketing campaign referred to as “Take the Wheel”. In brief, this campaign was a competition within the realms of Instagram which focused on a younger demographic rather than the company’s usual targeted affluence.


In another instance, the company attempted to sell their cards to millienials through the same mentioned medium, Instagram. The process was composed of loaning vehicles to Instagram influencers to document their travels through the social medium.



Mercedes Benz success in customer acquisition derived from its ability to develop an established reputation that distinguishes the company from the rest: an image of sheer quality and exclusivity in all its products. With this implementation, it has become one of the most well known brands infamous for its sense of prestige and class.


Mercedes Benz already possesses market segment loyalty, as many affluent sectors are dedicated to be keep being customers of this company. This is due to Mercedes Benz’s reputation of high class, luxury, and prestigious trend. Nevertheless, the company is trying to captivate a younger audience to be a part of their loyalties. An attempt to achieve this is by proposing a more adventurous image of the brand through multiple social mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, so on and so forth. The point is to get a younger demographic on board by demonstrating the fact that Mercedes can be classy, and still fun.


Even though Mercedes Benz marketing strategy used to emphasize on the luxury, safety and precision engineering of its vehicles, competition has been an incentive for its product adjustment to suit volatile consumer attitudes; for instance, adapting a presentation of a rather energetic, fun loving and approachable side of the company.

Marketing Channels Used

Advertisement: Use of creative themes to enhance customer perception.

Sales Promotion: Promotion through certain events.

Direct Marketing: Utilizing its Facebook page as a medium of interaction regarding its customers.

Digital and Social Media (Owned Media): Use of microsites for each product line (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram campaigns).

Paid Media: Paid Facebook advertisements.

Content Marketing and Earned Media: Converged media approach to target younger generation.

Mercedes Benz also utilizes traditional marketing approaches along with their online strategies to truly captivate its market audience by providing unique insight into how a premium brand can attract a younger demographic, all the while remaining true to its brand strategy:

Marketing Research: Utilizing the foundations for marketing strategy success

Product and Price: Barrier elimination and Value Offerings.

Brand and Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy: Effective creative strategy able to communicate brand messages across multiple platforms aiming to engage target market.

By quantification of a synergistic relationship between online and offline marketing, Mercedes Benz has developed an extremely innovative, yet efficient approach that has been transcendent in their marketing efforts. By such implementation, the company’s efficiency rates have grown significantly.

Why is online advertising and promotion effective?

The impact of online advertising and promotion is quite clear: it creates another channel for marketers to distribute their efforts more effectively. Although traditional media has been reliable for quite some time, online marketing is the next big thing. Customer brand awareness is closer at reach, and grasping customer loyalty has become facilitated thanks to this medium of marketing. As mentioned before, many strategies can be implemented, considering the fact that accessibility towards customer feedback and other aspects has been greatly improved. For instance, the use of Instagram and Facebook to captivate a younger generation has generated numerous successful campaigns on the company’s part. The social media is booming at this moment; hence, it is the future, furthermore, Mercedes Benz opportunities on retaining customers and affluence and acquiring a younger market falls on its execution of its online strategies.




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