Digital Advertising

Locate three (3) organizations that implement online advertisements, email and social media marketing campaigns — one (1) of the three (3) examples should be a Dominican organization.

The organizations that this post will be analyzing are the following:

  • Nike


  • Supercell

    Clash of Clans!
    Clash of Clans!
  • Club Body Shop
  • not_bodyshop_fmt

(a) Describe the major customer acquisition techniques and describe how these organizations carry out campaigns with this objective. If they don’t execute these types of campaigns, then provide suggestions on how they could do this.

Here are some of the major customer acquisition techniques:

  • Adopting the New Way of Customer Acquisition: Adapt to new techniques that will distinguish your business from competitors in order to possess a competitive edge superior to the rest that will lure in potential customers.
  • Content Marketing: Marketing regarding the creation and sharing of media, and content publishing as a manner of customer acquisition.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Emphasizing the maximization of the amount of visitors to a website through ensuring that said site is present on a top level of the list of results returned by a search engine.
  • Email Marketing: Direct marketing of commercial information to potential customers through the medium of the email.
  • Copywriting: Strategically delivering words that get individuals to take some form of action that might be crucial for the efficiency of digital advertising.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Converting customers through creating an experience for a website that aims to increase the number of visitors, which could become potential customers.
  • Social Media Marketing: The utilization of social media to acquire website traffic through creating content that is an attraction and encouragement for its audience to share it across social networks.
  • Analytics: Performing analysis that is crucial to identify which acquisition methods are working in order to further enhance its impact through emphasis.

Nike: One of this company’s greatest asset is its favorable product icon that has been established through its unique and distinct logo. Nike focuses its investments on commercials and product promotion in order to acquire potential customers. Through product sponsorship by professional athletic teams and celebrity athletes, Nike has been successful in spreading its reach for customer acquisition purposes. One of Nike’s greatest step forward towards prosperity derived from its opportunity upon utilizing social media as a medium of engagement with a wider customer base. Doing so, the company possesses greater visibility through a mere click, as customer interaction has been improved, and valuable information such as customer preference and selection can be acquired.

Here are some significant digital marketing campaigns implemented by Nike:

– Livestrong: Focused on mobile devices as personalized texts abd online messages were painted by the Chalkbot to provide support to the Lance Armstrong campaign.

– Fuel Your Team: Interactive campaign using the Nike+ social platform that allowed users to support preferred college basketball teams.

– The Chance: A campaign run through Facebook, Twitter and Youtube that allowed youngsters worldwide to win a place in the Nike Academy.

Supercell: Supercell is a mobile game development company whose games are among the top 20 of mobile device games; for instance, these include Boom Beach, Hay Day, and its most profit-generation development: Clash of Clans. Its main source of acquisition strength derives from Clash of Clan’s adoption of the freemium model; in other words, the mobile device game is offered for free, while additional aspects are to be purchased by customers. This model of a “free trial” allows customers to get a certain level of experience of the game which would then lead to successful customer acquisition. Another notable factor is that Clash of Clans provides an ad-free environment, which distinguishes it from its competitors’ games. Most mobile games rely on in game ads to generate revenue; however, Clash of Clans has been so successful in customer acquisition, conversion and retention, that they are already set with only in-app purchases. Supercell uses many social media platforms to transmit their messages, but their most notable mediums to run campaigns are through forums, television commercials, Youtube, and Facebook. Although Clash of Clans does have its own Twitter and Instagram account, Supercell’s biggest impact came from the previously mentioned. Many of their campaigns were conducted through Youtube, where most of their commercials resided. Through forums and Facebook, many of their campaigns and events were informed, and many content were displayed which attracted and encourage individuals to join. The biggest impact of all was its phenomenal television commercials that appeared on national television, including during the NBA playoffs, and the NFL.

Here are some of their awesome campaigns:

– Angry Neeson 52: Commercial featuring Liam Neeson telling his famous speech from his movie “Taken” in a Clash of Clans reference. Neeson’s in game name was “AngryNeeson52”, and this humorous commercial captivated the hearts of many male gamers.

– Ride of the Hog Riders: Official television commercial that ranked one of the best in recent times, making its appearance in the NBA playoffs and the NFL.

Club Body Shop: This athletic club focuses on customer acquisition through many different marketing mediums. Besides the fact that they utilize digital marketing tools such as television commercials and announcements, instagram and facebook, the club uses traditional offline methods such as billboards. The acquire potential customers by portraying a sense of exclusivity through the quality of their equipment and their services. They engage customers by creating a sense of belonging to a special group of membership.

Here are some of their most recent campaigns:

– Aniversario 29: Their anniversary date is the 29th of June, and they offered a cheaper inscription fee along with monthly fees, and reactivation fees. They transmitted this information through mediums such as Facebook and Instagram.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 6.06.42 PM

– EveryBODY can Change: 10 week campaign that encouraged members and potential customers to go through a training program. This information was diffused through mediums such as Facebook, Instragram, Youtube, and television commercials.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 6.06.55 PM

(b) Describe the services of an ad serving company and explain their method of targeting ads. For the Dominican company, would you suggest that they advertise online using an ad serving company, pay per click ads, or instead advertise on Facebook or another social media platform? Explain your recommendations. For the other two companies, investigate what type of online advertising and/or search engine marketing campaigns they have.

The services of an ad serving company serves to place advertisements on websites through the provision of software towards web sites and advertisers which will be contributed to certain advertising campaigns.

Here is a source of ad servers’ functionality in the form of a list:

  • Uploading advertisements and rich media
  • Trafficking ads according to differing business rules
  • Targeting ads to different users
  • Tuning and optimization based on outcome of implementation
  • Reporting impressions, clicks, post-click and post-impression activities, and interaction metrics.

Here is a list of methods of their ad targeting:

  • Behavioral Targeting: Utilizing viewers’ prior profile behavior to identify most appropriate ads during a specific visit.
  • Contextual Targeting: Foreshadowing ad placement that will maximize optimization through information contained on the page where the ad is being served.
  • Creative Optimization: Basis of experimentation and prediction aiming to decipher optimum creativity for a certain ad placement and exploiting that determination in further impressions.

Nike: The company utilizes many mediums of social media to market their products, such as: Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Many of their campaigns are run through these mediums, as they have experienced a growth impact through a greater presence in online marketing. Due to the rapid growth of social media, Nike has seized the opportunity by implementing their marketing strategy through social mediums. Previously mentioned were some of their online campaigns, but for those of you who wish to read more about their numerous phenomenal campaigns, here is the source:

Supercell: As mentioned before, the company utilizes Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, online forums, and television commercials for the sake of their marketing strategy. They have implemented successful campaigns such as the introduction of the “Clan War” in Clash of Clans. The source of their marketing derived from their customers themselves; for instance, due to the game’s influential establishment, many players have created youtube accounts in dedication of expanding the growth of the game. These Youtubers have received numerous subscriptions, and Supercell took the liberty of introducing the Clan War through these Clash of Clans Youtubers. Through the numerous subscriptions, the introduction of this new addition to the game was widely successful.

Club Body Shop: Previously mentioned, the club does utilize social medias such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Through the interview with one of the managers, I was informed that their biggest source of marketing derived from their commercials residing within the realms of the local television network. The next biggest source came from their billboards. I was also informed about the fact that they possess their own marketing department, when asked whether there is another source such as an ad server. In my opinion, I believe that the club is flourishing significantly with their Instagram posts that displayed their various campaigns, and many of their local commercials are being a positive impact; nevertheless, Club Body Shop is steadily growing at a significant rate, so I believe that they should not only rely on their own marketing department, but to find different sources of ad servers to further their purpose and their establishment.

(c) Describe the steps involved in developing an email campaign and explain how each organization is performing these activities.

Here are some essentials to implement a successful email marketing campaign:

  • Preheader: The first text your audience will read must be short, concise and persuasive, to grab readers’ attention.
  • Logo: A logo should be provided so the audience can immediately recognize who the sender is.
  • Quick Contact: Provide sources so the audience can quickly contact you if and when they are interested in your offer.
  • Catchy Header: The header needs to be an attention grabber to emit a positive first impression to your audience.
  • Call to Action: The main goal of what you wish for your audience to do as part of your campaign’s aims.
  • Text/Image Ratio: Implement a balanced ratio of text and images as some users within the audience do not utilize automatic image downloaders.
  • Personalization: Attempt to customize content to achieve individual preferences among the audience.
  • Mobile Version: Campaigns must be made accessible to any kind of electronic device to assure the greatest reach among the audience.
  • Opt-out-link: There must exist a choice for individuals to opt out in case they are not interested.
  • Campaign Preview: Revision processes must be taken among the available electronic devices to ensure campaign quality before implementing it.

Nike: Their email marketing strategy consists of sending emails to subscribers with concise and persuasive subject lines attempting to get some of the audience to read their whole offer. Emails are also used for notifying customers about special sales or events that the company might be conducting. Even though they utilize Instagram and Facebook more frequently than email, Nike at times uses emails to announce new products, or partnerships with celebrity athletes and teams.

Supercell: The mobile gaming company places most of their marketing efforts on mediums such as Instagram, Facebook, online forums and Youtube. Most of their notifications regarding new events or announcements are diffused either through the previously mentioned, or through in-app notifications. They do not use emails for marketing purposes, as most of their announcements are too short and concise that it is more of a facilitator to do it on Facebook and Instagram.

Club Body Shop: Most of their announcements are done through Facebook, Instagram, and local television commercials. They use emails at times, but only informing pending payments among individuals, or rescheduling processes. Most of their marketing effort are focused on other sources rather than the usage of emails.

(d) Explain the elements of developing a social media marketing strategy and describe what social media platforms the organizations are using and how they are engaging with their target audience.

Here are some essential elements of developing a social media marketing strategy:

  • Create Objectives and Goals: Determining goals in order to use them as a gauge of success of the social media marketing campaign. Acknowledging the goals that are necessary for success can lead to a more achieving outcome.
  • Conduct a social media audit: Prior to implementation of a social media marketing campaign, you must assess current social media use and its effectiveness through conducting an audit; these include: identifying audience associated with selected social media, which social media target market utilizes, and a brief comparison between your social media presence and your competitors’.
  • Create and/or Improve Social Accounts: Refining online presence through selecting the most appropriate network that will effectively reach your campaign’s goals. Optimize social media profiles accordingly to the audience of each, as each social media user audience are different from one another.
  • Get social media inspiration from industry leaders, competitors, clients: Perceive industry leaders’, competitors’ and clients’ social media presence as an inspiration to hone your own presence. Industry leaders and competitors can be perceive as exemplary models to mimic, and clients provide major feedback that can be turned into valuable information.
  • Create a content plan and editorial calendar: Optimize content so that it is at its most persuasive levels to the eyes of customers. Additionally, maintain an editorial calendar to post your content in an effective manner that maintains marketing optimization.
  • Test, Evaluate and Adjust your Social Media Marketing Plan: Conduct a series of tests to determine campaign efficiency, and further adjust according to the results aiming to improve social marketing strategies.

Nike: The company uses social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and national television networks. Nike has conducted numerous campaigns with these mediums that increased customer interactiveness. Their engagement with customers are phenomenal according to the campaigns previously mentioned.

Supercell: The mobile game developing company uses social medias such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, national television networks and online forums. Their greatest impact was from Youtube and television commercials, as their most captivating asset were their successful implementation of humorous and persuasive advertising commercials.

Club Body Shop: The club uses social medias such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and local television networks. Their most effective medium is television commercials, as local television networks most efficiently transmit information regarding their campaigns to the general Dominican public. Information about certain campaigns are also provided through Instagram.

(e) In addition, for each example make sure to identify their target market; objective of the campaigns, and evaluate the design and execution of the online ads, email messages and social media presence.


  • Target Market: young athletes, both men and women, runners, sportsmen.
  • Objective: To inspire generations to “Just Do It”, and be a part of the Nike family for expansion purposes.
  • Design and Execution: Social Media Campaigns with Instagram and Facebook, Emotional advertising through commercials, national television advertisements.
  • Email Messages: Use emails to inform subscribers regarding specific sales and events and announcement of new products.
  • Social Media Presence: Possesses a strong social media presence as they are effective in the previously mentioned medias and the generate posts consistently.


  • Target Market: Players of all ages, particularly male adolescents, casual gamers, hardcore gamers
  • Objective: To be an inspiration to a new era of gaming (mobile gaming), and to encourage emerging gamers
  • Design and Execution: Introduction of new game features through loyal Youtubers, humorous national commercials appearing in NBA and NFL, celebrity appearances commercials in AngryNeeson52
  • Email Messages: Minimal or Non existent
  • Social Media Presence: Relatively strong as they use Youtube and online forums thoroughly, but are less consistent with Facebook and Instagram

Club Body Shop

  • Target Market: athletes, individuals above 13 years old, young men and women
  • Objective: To be an exclusive club in the local scenario that can reach the membership of many
  • Design and Execution: local television commercials, Instagram campaigns, billboards
  • Email Messages: Mainly for distributing information; minimal marketing efforts
  • Social Media Presence: Modest since they only use Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to a limited extent


Interview with Club Body Shop’s Manager



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